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Anglophilia is a podcast dedicated to exploring and discussing the uniquely hilarious, highly intelligent, and very, very silly world of British comedy.  It was created by the hosts, Stephanie Callas and Kaley McMahon: two American women whose love for British comedy spans decades (to say nothing of their friendship -- that's the bit below). 

The show is edited by Kaley McMahon. Our logos were designed by Jama McMahon. Music was composed by AJ Holmes. 

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Stephanie and Kaley first met through the wondrous institution that is high school improv.  As two acerbic teenage girls on a high school improv team, they were somewhat destined to become friends; however, it was the discovery of their shared love of British comedy that first inspired them to hang out one Saturday after improv practice.  Two episodes of Father Ted later ("The Plague" and "Cigarettes, Alcohol and Rollerblading," if you're curious), the basis of an enduring friendship was formed. 

Much has happened since high school (thankfully), and Steff & Kaley are now living on opposite coasts: Steff in Los Angeles, and Kaley in Manhattan.  Despite the distance, they've been communicating almost every day for the last several years, during which time they've further built up their arsenal of beloved British shows.  Earlier this year, while discussing a particularly haunting episode of Inside No. 9 (oh yes), the two of them decided to take a stab at sharing their conversations with the rest of the world.  Behold, Anglophilia


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Stephanie was introduced to the world of Fawlty Towers and Monty Python at a very tender age by her loving and responsible parents. It wasn't until high school, however, when she fell head over heels in love with Ewan McGregor that things started to get serious.  Life became all about Trainspotting, David Bowie, and BBC America, which is where she first saw Father Ted, the show she introduced Kaley to the first time they ever hung out.  Have you ever read Ardal O'Hanlon's novel?  Check it out. 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, she currently works as a copywriter at a theatrical marketing company.  She's dabbled in radio, improv, and voiceover, and has been published in Cinema Retro, where she argued there's more to Last Tango in Paris than the butter scene.  (It was years ago.  Things were different.)  She currently lives in Culver City and enjoys mostly staying out of the sun. 



kaley mcmahon


Kaley has two great loves on this earth: British television comedy and American musical theatre. She inherited her Anglophilia from her mother (she may in fact have been conceived in London, which, admittedly, you did not need to know, but then again, neither did she). She considers Royston Vasey her second home, and has many, many ideas for names for her future pets and children, all of them Britcom-themed.

Your typical New York writer-with-a-day-job, Kaley is currently working on a series of humorously angsty young adult novels (think Bridget Jones meets Holden Caulfield), and she wrote the lyrics for the Starkid musical Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier, which can be viewed on YouTube and downloaded from iTunes.