Episode 4: "The Young Ones"


Vampires! Demons! Witches!

Talking hamsters! Dancing carrots! Horny teddies!

Lenin! Marx! Motörhead!

Here's another word: Revolution. That's what The Young Ones was. Its ingenuity cannot be overestimated, but Steff + Kaley are sure gonna give it their best shot. Get ready for a brief (brief brief brief briiiiieeeef) history of alternative British comedy, followed by loads and loads and loads of laughter, banter, and Thatcher. Plus! The endless search for the perfect porn parody continues.

Vyvyan: Look, here comes the postman.

Mike: Vyvyan, why do you keep telling us what’s just about to happen next?

Vyvyan: Because it’s a studio set, Michael, and they can’t afford any long shots.

Last one to listen below is a Sissy Virgin!

Discussed on the Show:

Cold War


Boom Boom Out Go the Lights


The Story of The Young Ones


Stanley & Iris


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