Episode 17: "Coupling"

We have a lot of opinions, guys.

We have a lot of opinions, guys.

Man oh man. Where did the time go? We are already on episode FOUR of our season. Wow.

Have you heard last week’s episode? If you haven’t, it’s right here. If you have, well, then you know that we had a lot of kind things to say about Peep Show. We kinda couldn’t stop saying kind things about Peep Show. Where do you even begin with Peep Show? Oh, and if you’re interested in hearing a longer version of our Peep Show episode, consider becoming a Patron!

Anyhow. Guys. Coupling is not Peep Show. We still have a lot to say and we still had a blast…but we did get a little bit angry. And you just might like us when we’re angry.