Episode 16: "Peep Show"

Hotties. Mega hotties.

Hotties. Mega hotties.

We did it. We covered “Peep Show.” All nine seasons. Yes.

As Kaley says in our episode, this is probably one of The Funniest shows we’ve ever discussed on the podcast. To call the writing “clever” would be an understatement and to call the performances “great” would also, yeah, be an understatement. This show Nails It. Every time. (Well, ok, we do have some opinions on the final season, but you’ll hear all that.)

As I type this, I’m sipping a cup of coffee in my office watching the time come closer and closer to 9:30am. Staff meeting. Dreaded, stupid staff meeting. I don’t wanna go. What would Mark do? What would Jez do? Perhaps one of these days I actually will run out of the building and go to KFC and buy a whole bargain bucket.

We truly hope you enjoy the show. It was definitely one of our longest recording sessions…and hey, if you are interested in hearing an older, uncut version, consider donating to our Patreon. We’ll let you hear the more embarrassing stuff.

But now! Without further delay. The El Dude Brothers are BACK.