Steff's Still Got the Blues.

Happy Day After Election Day, listeners. 

Steff here. I’m currently watching a press conference and listening to a complete maniac brag about how unbelievable it is that the Republicans won Florida. This is a bit of a stretch. 

He just told a black reporter that her question about White Nationalism is “such a racist question.” He’s seriously just pointing at her again and again and telling her what’s what. This is a bit humiliating. 

He just said, “I like to win” and referred to Nancy Pelosi as, “a very smart woman.” This is downright condescending and just plain weird. 

He’s now claiming that he single-handedly “created the greatest economic situation in the history of our country.” Insane. 

He’s now doing a weird whispering thing as he talks about all the people Democrats want to impeach. He sounds a bit like a demon and I have the creeps.

He’s now talking about taking away birthright citizenship. I’m thinking about my great grandparents and I’m thinking about The American Dream and I don’t think I’ve ever been this confused in my life.

This is a strange time to be American and this is a strange time to be alive, but to quote Basil Fawlty, “It’s not a dream. We’re stuck with it."


Progress happens over time, and since time is of the fucking essence, it’s going to be a real challenge to, well, keep calm and carry on. As a matter of fact, I say Stay Angry and Make A Lot of Goddamn Noise. Aren’t Americans kinda good at being loud? Isn’t that part of what makes America, well, great?

Perhaps Trump is going to unravel. Perhaps the Dems in the House will kick some ass. Perhaps this is the beginning of something spectacular. 

Still. It’s only the beginning, and the beginning can be a slog. Remember the first season of Blackadder?

Take a breath, my loves. Keep protesting, keep investigating, and for God’s sake, keep voting. 

Boom Shanka. 



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