Hey there, readers & listeners! Hope all is well with you. Have you had a chance to hear the latest episode? Yes? No?

Well. If you did give our Father Ted episode a spin, you heard us pontificating about British comedy and the rather conspicuous presence of  -- everyone's favorite -- freakin' Nazis. In fact, you heard Kaley say, "There is a lot of Nazi humor that you don't really see in comedies in the US." She's right! American comedies tend to stay away from the topic of those people, while British (and Irish!) sitcoms are much more comfortable with makin' Hitler jokes. Why is that?

While we cannot say that the two of us came up with an irrefutable answer, we can say that a listener offered us one. Guess who that was?

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 2.43.32 PM.png

Yes, you read that correctly! Graham Linehan, the Father Ted co-creator himself, stepped in with a bit of background info to which we were not at all privy. You can read the entire article, "How the Catholic Church Sheltered Nazi War Criminals," here.

While our podcast conversation contains plenty of observations about "uncloaking the Boogie Man" and Britain's critical role in World War II, it's thanks to Linehan that we now know there was a bit more going on in Are You Right There, Father Ted? Once again, this show has proven itself to be much fiercer than it appears on its often silly surface. 

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