Hello, Fellow Anglophiles!

Well, this is certainly exciting!  Thanks so much for checking out our website, and for taking an interest in our brand new podcast.  We've had an absolute blast putting the show together over the last few months, and it's crazy to think that it's finally out there for others to enjoy. 

The process of recording and editing and re-recording and re-editing hasn't always been easy.  For starters, the two of us live on opposite coasts, which has made our recording schedule a bit of a challenge.  On top of that, our first episode was recorded using a program that was supposed to make the whole Long Distance Podcast endeavor a breeze.  Not true.  The program constantly froze up and slowed down, resulting in a sort of intermittent robot-like sound.  On top of that, Stephanie's ancient laptop's operating system was too defunct to even support the program, which forced her to record the first few episodes in her office at work.  Thanks to this, the Mr. Bean episode features both robot sounds and echoes.  Don't despair.  If you continue listening in the coming weeks (which we really, really hope you do!), you'll hear a marked improvement in episode two, and then an even bigger one by episode four.  

Enough about tech.  We are very, very proud of what we've accomplished, and we can't wait to share our musings and ramblings with you.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter & Instagram, and feel free to send us your comments by emailing us at anglophiliapodcast@gmail.com.  You can also send us a message through this website via the Contact page.  

Thanks again for checking us out.  Happy listening!


Steff + Kaley

Stephanie Callas