Episode 14: "Red Dwarf"

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Greetings, fellow Anglophiles! We are BACK and it’s about smeggin’ time!

Man, where to even begin. Where to even begin…

Guys, there are so many seasons of Red Dwarf, and we watched all of them. Yes we did. And it was brilliant. This show is loaded with laughs, yeah, but it’s also kinda loaded with loneliness, innit? These poor guys are floating in space with each other…forever…and ever…and every now and again they save each other’s lives. They also occasionally have to beg a toaster to stop offering them toast (and croissants and crumpets and rolls and muffins and baguettes, etc etc etc).

Basically, this is one of the most relatable shows we’ve discussed. It’s true. Listen below.


Red Dwarf US:

Tongue Tied: